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Desde 1997

Established in 1997, Hemisferio Produtos Técnicos LTDA was created with the purpose of supplying shortages on the waterproofing market, preparing innovative technical products as well as in consultancy, advices and technical assistance.

Within an innovative concept, our company has brought to the Brazilian market products only known on European markets: water basis acrylic resins which, mixed with cement on site, results on high elasticity and high flexibility membranes, resistant to UV, firmly adherent to several substrates, among metallic ones and most of plastic ones, besides concrete and mortar. They don´t need mechanical protection yet, meaning that they are able to be placed immediately under paving, floor and other complements.

Hemisferio owns as principle allow its clients free will, so, all new products at acrylic-cement line are formulated in a way it´s possible to use the cement on site, enabling clients to acquire only the resin – with total quality and no wastes.

Innovating yet, Hemisferio has brought a new concept on preventing and solving waterproofing pathologies: free consultancy, starting at the very moment that the client contacts us at first, receiving previous reports as well as detailed specifications, besides total assistance before and after the construction.

Along all these years, Hemisferio has been growing, keeping always the focus on the client.

Restoring historic patrimony, residential constructions, commercial constructions, industrial constructions and maintenance.

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