HEM-1155: Preventing against moisture
10 de July de 2000
HEM-3035: Protects and preservs apparent bricks
20 de July de 2000

HEM-1149: The perfect glue – total adherence

HEM-1149 is an acrylic glue with high cohesion for roughcast, both conventional and rolled, to be applied on walls and ceilings.

HEM-1149 is also the most appropriate adhesive for adherence between old concrete X new concrete, concrete X mortar, screeds foundation, screeds preparation as basis for wooden floorboards and for every situations on site which demand perfect adherence, with pullout resistance.

On the architecture field, HEM-1149 is the perfect elastomer for burnt cement floors. It´s already on the appropriate dilution, ready for using.

It allows a great adherence between burnt cement and subfloor and acting on dough, prevents retraction cracks and fractures due to very low thicknesses in which burnt cement must be applied.